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Successful Wrestling

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Foreword: Ron Finley

Successful Wrestling takes you step-by-step through 30 wrestling techniques, from simple to complex. This valuable coaching tool is organized by skill progressions rather than by types of skills.

No more sorting through pages of clinic notes trying to decide which techniques to teach when and to whom. Now you can follow the proven program of one of the most successful wrestling coaches in the country.

Art Keith is famous for turning wrestlers into champions. He was a championship wrestler in high school and college and a wrestling coach of high school and NCAA champions. In Successful Wrestling, he brings you the best in basic body positions, moves, and teaching tips.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to teach different levels of athletes and how each level of technique is linked to the next. Use Successful Wrestling as a daily guide in your practice sessions, or just leave it on the mat for your grapplers to review. With 669 sequenced photos, this coaching guide will help your wrestlers actually see how various techniques are performed.

The wrestling techniques contained in this coach’s handbook are organized into 18 steps. The steps are divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.

A. Beginning: Steps 1 through 8 illustrate basic techniques and fundamental positions requiring continuous movement without changing direction. They include

• stance and movement in standing position,
• double leg takedown,
• inside leg stand-up,
• crossface, and
• bar arm, cradle, and switch.

B. Intermediate: Steps 9 through 14 should be mastered by advanced junior high wrestlers and by average or intermediate senior high competitors. The techniques in this section require more coordination and include

• outside fireman’s carry,
• single leg attack,
• wrist ride,
• duck out, and
• sit out and spin.

C. Advanced: The advanced techniques are illustrated in Steps 15 through 18 and should be learned by most high school wrestlers in order to compete well at the college level. Requiring a fairly high degree of coordination, these techniques include

• inside fireman’s carry,
• cross body ride,
• pinning from the takedown, and
• arm drags.

If you coach wrestling at the junior high, high school, or college level, you need Successful Wrestling--the book that helps you turn your grapplers into champions--one step at a time.

About the Author

Art Keith, famous for turning wrestlers into champions, is a former championship wrestler in high school and college and a wrestling coach of high school and NCAA champions. After
achieving considerable success at the University of Oregon as wrestling coach, Art Keith, EdD, returned to the high school ranks, where he is an English teacher and wrestling coach at Joel E. Ferris High School in Spokane, WA.

Art Keith is also the author of Complete Guide to Championship Wrestling.

Table of Contents

Stage I: Beginning Wrestling Skills
Step 1. Position and Movement.
Step 2. Double Leg Tackle.
Step 3. Stand-Ups for Escape.
Step 4. Returning a Standing Man to the Mat.
Step 5. Controlling the Down Wrestler.
Step 6. Simple Pinning Combinations.
Step 7. Beginning Reversal: Switch.
Step 8. Pinning From a Control Ride.

Stage II: Intermediate Wrestling Skills
Step 9. Intermediate Takedowns.
Step 10. Controlling Rides to Pins.
Step 11. Reversals from Standing Position.
Step 12. Mat Escapes.
Step 13. Intermediate Rides and Pins.
Step 14. Takedown Counters.

Stage III: Advanced Wrestling Skills
Step 15. More Takedowns.
Step 16. Leg Rides.
Step 17. Takedown Options.
Step 18. Specialty Takedowns.
Step 19. Coaching Points.

Words of Praise

"Every coach should have a copy as a guide book, a reference book, and a problem-solver. I highly recommend this book to all wrestling coaches. I wish it had been written sooner. . . ."
Ron Finley, MEd
University of Oregon Coach, United States Olympic Coach
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