DVD 48 minutes

Russian Ties: Creating An Angle

with Dennis Hall,
Assistant Coach Wisconsin Stevens Point;
1995 World Champion (Greco-Roman), 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist (Greco)

The Russian Tie series is an excellent move that wrestlers at any level or weight class can use to score points. The Russian Tie presents two benefits for wrestlers: First the opponent is constantly on defense thus cannot stall from this position. Second, it is a control position that allows your wrestler to move his opponent into position to score. Hall begins by discussing the important keys to a successful Russian Tie, covering grip, stance, movement, head position and footwork. From there he covers six different set-ups that can be used to hit eight different takedown techniques, which Hall also discusses. The takedown techniques covered include the single, double, snap down, firemans, and hip toss, which he used successfully to win the World Championships. Hall also presents a variation of this successful set-up, the Reverse Russian Tie, complete with five different takedown techniques that can be hit from this position. Hall closes with two key defense to stopping the Russian Tie. This is an excellent change of position tie-up that allows your wrestler to save his strength while moving his opponent into position to score.

48 minutes. 2002.

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