DVD 53 minutes

Rob Koll: Defending Leg Attacks

with Rob Koll,
Cornell University Head Coach;
2005 NWCA Division I Coach of the Year;
2009, 2008, 2007 EIWA Conference Champions;
2X World Cup Champion,
NCAA Champ and 4X All-American

In this demonstration clinic presentation, Coach Koll provides more than 12 drills that reinforce proper defensive technique to help wrestlers defend their legs. These are the same drills Koll uses in at Cornell, which has led the Big Red to back-to-back top 5 finishes in the NCAA Tournament. He begins with nine drills that concentrate on proper inside position focusing on the head and hands as it pertains to defense. Drills include Underhooks, Hand Locks, Hips & Legs, Cat Climb, Run the Pipe, Turn the Key and more. From there, Koll demonstrates techniques and drills to defend against the Low Single and High Crotch. He closes with short presentations on Pass-bys and Whizzers. These drills are easy to teach, and allow for a large number of repetitions in a short amount of time. You get the benefit of quality drilling time that leaves a lot of time for teaching. With this DVD your wrestlers will not give up easy takedowns again.

53 minutes. 2006.

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