DVD 45 minutes

Randy Lewis: The Impossible Leg

with Randy Lewis,
1984 Olympic Gold Medalist;
2X NCAA Champ, 4X All-American for the University of Iowa

Randy Lewis presents a counter offense DVD like no other. As a wrestler, Lewis used to bait opponents into shooting a single or high crotch. His philosophy was that no matter where he was on the mat, he was in position to score. Now, in this clinic demonstration, Lewis passes along the techniques that made him one of the most dangerous wrestlers from the feet. Once your opponent gets a leg, Lewis wants to do one of two things - square the hips or get the man to his knees. In each position, Lewis shows a number of different moves that will allow your wrestler to score - and even put his opponent to his back. In addition, he shows how to score if the opponent has your wrestler's foot in the air, if he collapses the leg, and how to score from a low single shot. These techniques are more than defensive moves - they will allow your wrestlers to always be on the offense!

45 minutes. 2005.

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Manufactured by CHAMPIONSHIP


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