DVD 38 minutes

Pat Smith: The Cowboy Stand-Up

with Pat Smith,
former Oklahoma State University Assistant Coach; 2006, '05, '04 & '03 NCAA Champions;
first 4X NCAA National Champion

Now you can learn the escape that has helped Oklahoma State to four consecutive NCAA titles - the Cowboy Stand-Up. In this detailed clinic demonstration, Coach Smith shows you the proper technique for this effective escape step-by-step. Smith begins with the proper fundamentals for the base and then breaks down the move. He covers the key principles that make this escape so successful - getting the head and chest back, your hand across and your front foot out. Smith shows how to adjust the escape against different rides, including the chop, ankle pick, far ankle/far knee, spiral ride and more. Smith also shows a wall drill that will help perfect the move. Once your wrestlers develop the Cowboy Stand-up nobody will be able to ride them!

38 minutes. 2005.

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