DVD 47 minutes

Mark Ironside: Defending Against Leg Riders

with Mark Ironside;
2X NCAA Champion at the University of Iowa,
1998 Dan Hodge Trophy winner

Facing an opponent who rides the legs is a daunting task - it is imperative that you stop those attacks to get to your feet. Otherwise, your wrestlers will expend a lot of energy, and possibly lose a lot of points. In this demonstration clinic presentation, Mark Ironside presents his tips and philosophy for stopping leg riders. He begins with proper positioning, which is the first line of defense against leg riders. From there he covers different ways to prevent the leg from getting in, and how to counter different situations once the legs are in. He concentrates his presentation on two key points - hand control and hips underneath. Learning to stop leg riders is not easy. However, with these philosophies your wrestlers will be in good position to stop whatever comes their way!

47 minutes. 2006.

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