DVD 44 minutes

John Peterson's Favorites: Double & Single Leg Takedowns

with John Peterson,
1976 Olympic Gold Medalist

Part of John Peterson's success in the 1976 Olympic Games came from a dominating double leg takedown. In this video, John takes an in-depth look at his favorite move - the double leg - as well as the single leg takedown. John takes a three-prong look at the double leg: Position and finishes, set-ups, and recovering. Peterson guides you step-by-step through more than five different set-ups, six finishes, and three recovery options when the opponent sprawls. John takes the same approach with single-leg takedowns, demonstrating proper positioning, set-ups, and finishes using them with the head on the inside and then on the outside. After practicing and perfecting these moves, your wrestlers will want to wrestle on their feet as much as possible. As an added bonus, John demonstrates his favorite escape - the standup - to help your wrestlers get back to their feet as quickly as possible.

44 minutes. 2001.

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